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Dear Friends and Neighbors,


Potential Gas Tax Increase – take my quick gas tax/transportation survey so that I have ammunition to take back to Olympia!


Gov. Jay Inslee has made it abundantly clear that he wants you to pay more at the pump when you fill up your vehicle – and he wants it now!  He has stated publicly several times that he wants to call the Legislature into ANOTHER special session in late November so that lawmakers can pass a gas tax increase.  We don’t know exactly how much he wants now, but during the 2013 session, he was pushing a 10.5 cent increase to fund new bike paths and walking trails in the Puget Sound region.

I need to know what you think.  Do you support a gas tax increase?  Please click here to take my quick survey so that I know exactly where my constituents stand on this issue, and, just as important, so that I have information to take back to Olympia.

Thanks for your time and thanks for being involved and informed citizens.


Shelly Short

State Representative Shelly Short, 7th Legislative District
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