Rep. Shelly Short says ideological environmentalism will be costly to the consumer

Legislator: Rep. Shelly Short
Run Time: 37 seconds
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Republican Shelly Short predicted early last year that the governor would find a way to bring what she calls his ideological environmentalism back to the legislature.  It has arrived, courtesy of executive order, via the DOE. Short says there is writing on the wall that the DOE can't see.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson:  Shelly Short says the recent call by the Department of Ecology for new clean air standards, if enacted, would have impacts that even the DOE can’t currently explain.

Short: “The interesting point is that the DOE would not answer is not only loss of jobs but what happens to the wages and the benefits in these communities and what happens to the revenue coming into the state, and DOE couldn’t answer that. And they should.”

Johnson: Short says the DOE’s new requirements would not only lead to an eventual loss of jobs, they would also result in dramatic increases in the price of electricity, fuel, food, and goods and services.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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