House version of ‘cap and trade’ is dead

‘We’re halfway there. We need to keep the pressure on to kill the Senate bill as well,’ says Short

Yesterday marked the cutoff for bills in the Washington State Legislature to be heard in their house of origin, meaning House bills not approved by the full membership of the House are considered “dead” until next session.

Rep. Shelly Short, R-Addy, was elated to report that the House version of Gov. Gregoire’s expensive “cap and trade” proposal didn’t make it out of the House before the cutoff.

“We’re halfway there,” said Short, ranking Republican on the House Ecology and Parks Committee.  “But Senate Bill 5735 is still alive.  We need to keep the pressure on to kill the Senate bill as well.”

House Bill 1819 is legislation requested by the governor in association with Washington’s involvement in the Western Climate Initiative.  The bill seeks to reduce the amount of carbon emitted from businesses in the state and levies punitive fines against companies emitting over a certain amount.

Short said implementing the concept at the state level when other states and nations haven’t fully committed to the same standards would hurt Washington employers, cost families jobs, and raise prices for consumers who are already stretched thin.

“Our state industries and employers compete on such a global scale,” Short said.  “If our employers are held to unique and regressive emission standards, we will lose jobs, period.

“Protection of the environment is certainly important, and I’m adamant that we protect the heritage we have as a clean, environmentally-sound state,” Short said.  “But we have to make sure our actions will produce the outcomes we want and no matter what we do, we have to make sure we’re not sacrificing our jobs.

“Europe has had cap and trade for eight years and hasn’t seen even a one percent drop in their emissions,” continued Short.  “Washington emits only three-tenths of one percent of global greenhouse gasses.  We don’t want cap and trade; we don’t need cap and trade; and we certainly can’t afford cap and trade.”

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